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The Cimstar product line is Cimcool’s most extensive and most popular product line. These semi-synthetic or micro emulsion-type metal-removal fluids are very suitable semi-transparent starting products. 

A broad range of product options
The extensive Cimstar product line provides a solution for many different requirements:

  • Products for light, medium and heavy-duty application for grinding and/or machining
  • Boron-free or boron-containing products
  • Products with and without formaldehyde-releasing biocides
  • Products for each water hardness range
  • Products for each metal type
Features and benefits 
Cimstar products are the optimum choice for each application. Besides excellent performance you can count on:

  • Expert customer service before, during and after product purchase
  • Compliance with the latest HSE standards and requirements
The benefits of Cimstar products will lead to a decrease in total production costs. Our Cimcool representative will be happy to calculate your savings.