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Cimcool glass-working fluids are known for their high performance, cleanliness and long product life. Cimglass products satisfy the cooling, lubricating and settling requirements of your manufacturing process and reduce production costs per part.

Cimglass products are currently used for the manufacturing of:
  • Glass packaging
  • (Car) Windows
  • (Car) Mirrors
Features Cimglass products:
  • Optimize settling of glass fines,
  • Increase foam control,
  • Are very economical in use (perform well at low concentrations),
  • Prevent the glass fines from concreting.
All these features can lead to an overall decrease in production costs. Your local Cimcool representative will be happy to calculate your savings for you.
The Cimglass product line contains several high-quality products to suit your requirements for your applications in the glass industry.